Centre of Sociological Research (CSR) is a non-governmental non-profit public organization founded in 2006. Its members are young scientists and experts in the field of sociology and economy. The main goal of the organization is to increase the professional level and quality of sociological and economical research. Centre also deals with the local and regional development, as well as with the integration of Ukraine into EU.

CSR conducts analytical sociological research covering issues of social and economic development of Ternopil district. CSR conducts projects independently as well as in cooperation with other local and international organizations.

CSR gives Ukrainian scientists the opportunity to cooperate and exchange experience and information with partners from other countries and institutions.

CSR organizes scientific seminars, conferences and educational events that enable Centre members to transfer knowledge and enhance the participantsí capabilities and expertise. In cooperation with other institutions, CSR publishes valuable scientific papers and bulletins.

Members of CSR share their experience participating in many conferences, seminars, meetings organized in Ukraine and abroad.

The key areas of interest include:

  1. Creation of unions of young scientists and professionals from Central and Eastern Europe which have large experience in the field of social projects realizing.
  2. Development of integrated information and research systems/networks covering scientific achievements of East European countries.
  3. Migration policy of EU countries relatively to the national migration policy in the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe.
  4. National policy relatively to the participation of women in scientific life in the CEE countries.Investigation of studentsí level of entrepreneurship.

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